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I had a problem with my linksys device and after trying all the troubleshooting solutions the extender would just not work. This was the first time I had a problem with Linksys extender so I was clueless what is actually wrong and what am I doing. I got so frustrated that I finally decided to contact the technical support team. The technician helped me not only resolve the issue within a few minutes but also helped me understand what I was doing wrong. Having said that, I haven't had a problem with the Linksys extender after that.
Linksys is always my first choice while buying networking products. So, recently I purchased the Linksys ac1200 wifi range extender. Though the setup for the extender is very easy and I have done it before as well but this time I was just not able to complete the setup and configuration for the extender. So, after struggling for hours I finally decided to contact the support team for help. They immediately picked up my call and with few minutes my Linksys ac1200 setup was complete. Thanks to the technician now I can do it on my own as well.
I purchased Linksys wifi extender and when I decided to configure it with the router it was simply not happening. I tried several times but it would only show configuration failed message. So, I called up the support team and they answered my call within a few minutes. The technician asked me the problem and thereafter I followed his instructions step by step. Well, the extender configured in just a matter a few minutes and now I can enjoy high-speed internet all around my house. Thanks to the team for support.
I have been having issues with my Linksys device for months now. After following the basic troubleshooting solutions the problem would get fixed but it kept coming back. Then I decided to ring up to the support team for help. The customer support team picked up my call within a few minutes. I explained to them the entire issue with my extender and how it kept disconnecting to the router. It nearly took 15 minutes for me to follow the steps the technicians were telling but the issue was immediately resolved. It's been more than a week now but the problem is s permanently resolved.
I have a Linksys router that works fine but it some areas of my home like the garden and kitchen the wifi simply does not work. So, I decided to purchase Linksys extender to boost the wifi signals of my home network. I pop the setup CD drive into my laptop and followed the instructions. The extender is connected to the router and is placed in the middle where it receives proper signals but the setup would just not happen. Then I decided to contact the support team for help. The technician responded to my call with a few seconds and I explained to her what I have done and what issue it is showing. I followed the step by step instructions she gave me. And within a few minutes, the issues were resolved and my extender was setup. Thanks for helping me out.