Linksys AC1200 wifi range extender

How to Complete the Set up for Linksys Extender Setup RE6500?

The extender is a great edition that allows you to enjoy high-speed internet connection. The Linksys wifi range extender works best to offer you the internet without any dead spots or issues.

You can find different models of Linksys extender that allow you to provide high-speed internet connectivity throughout the workplace.

You can easily complete the setup for your Linksys extender and enjoy using the internet connection Linksys ac1200 wifi range extender is one of the best extenders that you can incorporate anywhere and enjoy high-speed internet connectivity.

If you are facing any trouble while completing the set up for the extender you can get in touch with the Linksys extender team for help and support.

How to Complete Linksys ac1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender?

Linksys extender offers some of the most popular networking devices that allow you to boost your current wireless network and enjoy high-speed internet.

The best thing about these extenders is that the setup and installation process is very easy and anyone can do it.

To complete any Linksys extender set up it must be connected to the router that you are using. Further, the router should be connected to the modem.

Installation for Linksys ac1200 Wi-Fi  Range Extender

Now, this is the most important part of running the Linksys extender setup. It is quite easy to complete the installation of the Linksys extender. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

⦁              Make sure to first connect the antennas of the power cable.

⦁              Plugin the range extender while it is in the middle of the router and the area that receives no wi-fi signals.

⦁              Wait and check for a soli light on the range extender. Now, use a device like a mobile phone, laptop, computer, or any other device to connect to the Linksys wifi extender.

⦁              Now you can complete the set up using the web browser. You can follow the instructions given and then complete the setup.

 Once you follow these steps mentioned above and the instructions on the screen to complete the setup process.

However, while trying to complete the setup process you may not find or get the message that says ‘do you want to set up the network’. 

If this happens then you need to enter the key with and continue with Linksys ac1200 wifi range extender.

If you are using Linksys wifi range extender and want to complete the setup then there are a couple of steps that you need to follow.

Steps to Complete the setup for Linksys ac1200 Range Extender

⦁              Keep the extender between the router and the connected devices that you are facing trouble to connect.

⦁              Now, plug in the Linksys extender range.

⦁              Wait and check the indicator light on the router to turn orange which indicates that the extender is ready for set up.

These are the steps that you can follow to complete the setup for  Linksys ac1200 wifi range extender. ever, if there is any problem while setting up the extender then you can get in touch with the Linksys extender technical support team for help and support.

While trying to complete the setup here are the following things that you need to.

⦁              Make sure to find the access points that include SSID, wireless channel,  and wireless security password.

⦁              Press and hold the reset button that you can find at the top of the extender. Press and hold for 10 seconds and wait until you see indicator light blinking on the router. Now, by pressing the reset button you can reset the factory default settings of the router.

⦁              Plugin the extender to the Linksys wifi range extender. Wait until the lights on the extender are stable.

⦁              Open the web browser and wait until you are prompted to enter the IP address.  If you do not know the IP address of your extender you must get in touch with the Linksys technical team for help and support.

⦁              Now, you need to enter the password and network name. The username is ‘admin’ and the password is ‘password’. Now, you can complete the login for the network.

⦁              Select wireless and the basic wireless settings.

⦁              Now, select the manual and then enter the SSID.

⦁              Make sure to select the security settings that are similar to that of the router. Also, make sure to save the settings.

⦁              Take out the plug of the router and then wait for 40 seconds.  Now plug in the router and wait until the lights are stable and then plug in the extender.

Range extenders provide you with a great solution to improve the wi-fi connectivity of the router.Linksys ac1200 wifi range extender is a great option to consider, but you will have to complete the setup.

In this blog, we have covered in detail the steps that can help you in completing the setup. But, if you are facing any issues while the setup or if the set up is incomplete you can get in touch with the  Linksys extender technical team for help and support.

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